‘Line Too Long’ Facebook Feed Problem

If you have the following problem in Facebook Product Feed:

Line too long
(1 product rejected)
This feed contains a line that is longer than our current limit.

Your XML file is probably 1 line which you might have removed all tabs, spaces and new lines to save up some space. Adding new lines for each entry may solve the problem.


Custom Maven Plugin repository

If you are developing or using custom maven plugins and would like to download them from your custom repository, you should define them like

<name>S3 Repo</name>
<url>your custom repo url</url>

Although you have already defined that custom repo within repositories, you will not be able to download them as plugins.

Don’t use transparent icons as App Icons

Avoid using any app icon including transparency as it will result with icon having a black backgroud which is ugly. The documentation actually states this here https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/userexperience/conceptual/mobilehig/AppIcons.html 

Avoid transparency. An app icon should be opaque. If the icon’s boundaries are smaller than the recommended sizes—or you use transparency to create “see-through” areas—the resulting icon can appear to float on a black background, which tends to look especially unattractive on the beautiful wallpapers that users choose.