Starting a new project with Agile v1


we just started working on a new project with a client which is re-implementing the client’s current e-commerce page with Java which is currently written on asp. We will be using Agile Methodologies to implement the project with the help of . In our first meeting with the client, we first tried to get the user stories from the clientand tried to identify the roles. What we tried to do is, creating user stories and doing some estimations on them. This way we tried to estimate how long the project may take to implement and informed the client about this estimation.

What we will do next is meet with client again, prioritize the stories and do a release and iteration plan to start the project and start with iteration 0.

We will be using PrimeFaces 3.0 – JSF 2.0 – Spring 3.0 – Hibernate 3.6 and will be doing it Agile as time will be a important aspect side of the project.

I will be posting images/status of the project next days hopefully.

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